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land the job you like

Stop worrying whether you are good enough. Structure your CV and application so the companies you apply for will beg you to join them.

Get more interviews

Ghosting is never pleasant. Frame your job-seekers' profile in such a way so that your inbox fills with interview cal invites.

Shine with your skills

Never again struggle to explain what you know and what you can do. Make it easy for companies to understand how they can benefit from hiring you.

Gain Confidence

Regardless of whether you believe it or not, you have got it all. We will help you remember and make your really proud of what you have learned and achieved.

Ready to get what you deserve?

I want to get a new job

But there are things that worry me.

Am I good enough? Am I under-qualified? Does my CV look okay? Will I be able to do well during the interview? What do I do when I do not know the answer to a question? What questions in return do I ask the company? How do I negotiate the contract terms?

"Thank you so much for our last session."

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Giuliano Annunziata Software Developer


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Orsola de Marco
Head of Product and Innovation

"I have been following Kat's content on LinkedIn and I decided to reach out to get some career advice based on her experience. She promptly responded and we scheduled a chat smoothly. She was very insightful providing practical and helpful advice. If you think she could help you, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to her."


Neda Foroutan
AI Learning Designer

"Kat was my AI Industrial Leader at Hyperisland. Recently, as I faced challenges in my job search, I reached out to Kat for her guidance and feedback on my CV. She generously offered her expertise, providing me with invaluable recommendations for each section.
I am grateful for her support and recommend Kat for her mentorship and expertise."


Katja Ovchinnikova
Climate Data Scientist

"Kat helped me understand my career transition options in the framework of the Terra.do mentoring program. Her attentive and compassionate mentoring style stood out as she answered to my questions, actively listened to my story, and provided comprehensive, valuable advice. I wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone seeking guidance."

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You are great, you have got it all. But it is easier when you get support

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Don't leave difficult situations at work steal your focus and affect your performance. Learn how to manage:

- a colleague who ruins team dynamics

- having to let someone go

- juggle team responsibility and your own personal development

- setting goals and expectations for performance reviews

Your Coaches


Kat is a former CTO of two startups. Apart from her tech work, she has been coaching talent for over a decade. From supporting employees to get promoted as managers, through helping individuals land their dream jobs and stepping up the ladder to securing positions like CTO.

Kat Stam




Valentina created AAI - the AWS Authorized Instructor Program. From not having even one person to work in this department, she build her own job description, pitched it to secure her promotion which lead to creating AAI and rolling it out globally. Her brilliant work won her a seat at AWS Headquarters in Seattle.

Valentina Merico

Global Instructor Readiness Program

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

I want to transition to a CTO. I am not sure how to crack leadership. How can I do this?

Of course it is possible! Let us show you the way.

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