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Why use external tech interviewers?

Thanks to, You can...

Save costs and cut time to hire

We ensure you only hire top tech talent that is suitable from day 1, including culture fit. Outsourcing tech evaluations ensures that you can externally assess more candidates - and reduces the time to hire.

Stop wasting Dev time on interviews

Interviewing fatigue is a thing - your developers should focus on your product, not on conducting daily tech interviews. Let us filter out the best candidates and evaluate their skills.

Get the Tech job description Right

Sometimes it's not clear if you're looking for a frontend developer, a product person or a tech lead. We can help you perfect the technical requirements of your job ads so you can reach more talent with the perfect skill fit.

Teach your tech Lead how to interview

We provide the tech questions and coding tasks for pair programming so you don’t scratch your head coming up with that - regardless if it's a position that requires Ruby, Python, NodeJS or skills like project management.

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What candidates say about us:

"Kat is hands down a fantastic interviewer. She is welcoming and empathetic, and brought me to a good state of mind to perform the interview at my full capacity. On a technical level, she is very knowledgeable on the topics of the interview, but also on the interview art itself: you can feel she has loads of experience and is very well prepared, having mapped the landscape of where an interview may lead beforehand."

― Marco Caccin, Machine Learning Engineer, Recogni

Daniel Kunz


"Working with AssessDev was inspiring. The quality of their interviews shone through in the detailed documentation we received, and were able to pass on to our client. The CEO/founder we worked with shared equal enthusiasm for the quality of work done. I recommend the AssessDev team to anyone who needs to assess technical profiles at a high level." Logo of the company oryx


Vicky Clayton

Data Scientist

"Our startup was hiring our first full-stack developer. We worked with AssessDev to come up with an interview guide, which we follow now while interviewing candidates. We feeling much more confident whilst interviewing while the candidates enjoy the right level of challenge. Having said all that, we are very happy to recommend AssessDev."

logo of the company tw:g


Anastasiia Lapchevskaia

Interviewing Manager

"I want to share nice feedback from the candidate from last week: This was the most pleasant interview I have ever had! Interviewer score: 10 out of 10."

logo of the company WorkGenius


Jordan Shlosberg


"While we are great at interviewing for cultural fit we believe that technical interviews are required if you want to make great developer hires. Kat has been a trusted partner to us providing high quality technical interviews and ensuring our hiring process remains of extremely high quality. We also love the reports that she prepares post interview which I written in a way that a non-engineer can easily grasp. 5 star service!!!"

Logo of the company Berg.


Our track record

Interviewed 1000+ candidates

See what candidates say about us

We work with startups, large corporations and leading recruitment agencies to provide tailored assessments. No matter the number of candidates or evaluations needed, we got you covered - with a human interviewer on the other end.

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Get evaluations and candidate reports directly in your ATS

Interview Scopes

We Assess on Different Stacks and Skills

Full-Stack Tech Lead

We have experts and challenges that can test anything from Python, Java, Ruby on Rails, Django on backend and NodeJS, Angular, Vue.js, React and classic JS on frontend.

Frontend & Mobile

We evaluate frontend and mobile developers, concentrating on popular stacks such as React, React-Native, Android with Java and Kotlin and basics such as CSS, Bootstrap and Tailwind.

Backend & Database

We can assess a candidate's experience with developing and scaling backends such as Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, Java, NodeJS as well as database systems like PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

DevOps & Cloud

Apart from modern high-level providers such as Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Kubernetes we also cut down to basics and assess general DevOps, sys admin, networking skills and experience.

Data Science & AI

Distinguishing between buzz-talk and actual AI can be difficult. This is why we test down to basics a candidate's knowledge and skills with Python, Jupiter, machine learning, artificial intelligence, visualization, data analysis, BI.

Product & PM

A team of tech leads and startup founders is best at evaluating track record and skills on product, design thinking and general project management that go beyond SCRUM and kanban board.

How does an evaluation look like?

Find out how we structure the interviews, what questions we ask and how we assess each candidate's performance.

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